Our Story

My name is Beverlyn and along with my husband Tony, own ‘Beverlyn’s Apothecary’. Our aim is to provide you with remedies using only the most essential ingredients without fillers and other extra ingredients, to heal a particular ailment.

I was raised in Fiji and a lot of remedies my mum used had been handed down from her Indian parents deeply rooted in Ayurvedic Principles. After my journey with depression, hormonal issues, digestive problems and cancer, it was imperative for me to commit to a complete reassessment of my lifestyle, eating habits and the environment that I lived in. It became obvious to me that I needed to incorporate a holistic traditional healthcare and in order to do this, started studying all aspects of Ayurveda and other traditional cultural lifestyle. Most of these indicated simplifying my lifestyle and using as much of what nature provided in its most basic form. I studied to become a naturopath to obtain more information to add to my existing arsenal of knowledge that I already had from owning a Pharmacy with my husband for 18 years.

My husband Tony, a pharmacist, has walked alongside me in this journey and has been an inspirational partner throughout. We used a lot of what he learnt as a Pharmacist, owning a very busy holistically orientated Pharmacy in a medical centre. We decided in order to teach our kids about their heritage we would incorporate Tony’s Maori heritage as well. We believe that most medicines are provided in nature and we just need to look at what our forefathers did and use modern knowledge to decipher what we need to heal what ails our body. The area surrounding our land has a lot of naturally growing Rongoa plants. These have been used in our mixtures using traditional Maori principles.  This enables me to use specific customised herb mixtures to make our balms and lotions. In each case I have used botanicals to increase its potency.